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Wix Advanced SEO

Engage our experienced SEO team to deliver Wix advanced SEO solutions. Get your Wix site optimised structure for better search rankings.

Meta Tags Attributes

Get Wix Trainer meta tags support, ensure your website is indexed on Google, other search engines and mainstream social media platforms.

Schema Markup Artistry

Maximise SEO with the best schema markup, utilising 803 types, 1465 properties, 14 datatypes, 87 enumerations, and 463 enumeration members.

JSON-LD Integration

Professional JSON-LD scripts for every page on your Wix website, a meticulous process by the Wix Trainer to reap the benefits of rich search results.

Wix Compliance Mastery

Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency complies with Wix rules for structured data markup, creating the perfect script for each page to sync with Wix.

Wix Blog Posts Markup

Elevate your blog visibility and optimisation for rich snippets with Wix Trainer Team precise structured data markup service for your branded content.

Wix Store Ascendancy

Engage Wix Trainer Team in dynamic JSON-LD scripts for each product in your Wix store, a key for visibility and eCommerce rich search results.

Booking Services SEO

Transform your booking services in search results. Wix Trainer Team intricate JSON-LD scripts are designed to illuminate your Wix services details.

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