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Email Marketing With Privacy Compliance

Get effective email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and drive your Wix site traffic with the site comprehensive privacy compliance process. Create professional mobile optimised e-newsletters with your industry expertise and creativity. Get the ability to use special fonts (multilingual), colours, backgrounds, embed your products, services or business videos to spread the good word just the way you want for your business online presence. Discover powerful email marketing tools that will not just connect you to your audience but will also enable you to track your email campaign success in real-time with free integrated analytics that show your delivery rate, open rate and clicks. Set up perfectly timed automatic email campaigns to let your customers know about everything from special events to seasonal offers and more. Personalise your emails with your contacts first name, last name or both to increase open rates, engagement and more with your site comprehensive privacy compliance process, other privacy regulations, explicit consents and more. Explore Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency exclusive services and professional support for email marketing with Wix site comprehensive privacy compliance process. 

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