Get Wix Trainer professional web design solutions and support to connect with your new and existing clients. A stunning web design for your brand, vision and services with an engaging user experience and more. 

Achieve a professional business online presence look and feel for your content. Get an innovative user experience to connect and engage your site visitors on all devices, for a call to action.

Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency offers experienced, reliable and professional web design solutions with exclusive training support. Works towards bringing your vision to life with strong visual appeal in the most professional manner.

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Wix Online Store _

Online Store

Get a professional eCommerce presence for your brand, products and collections with Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency support. A professional online store with business policies, comprehensive online store GDPR compliance, inventory, online business automations and more. 

Get Wix Trainer professional solutions for advanced online store capabilities with customised product pages, improved product discovery and special menus. Optimise your online brand, products and collections in search results with Wix Trainer experienced support to drive traffic and online sales.

Give access to your online store unique pages with signup, sign-in or login process. Sell across major social media platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Get shipping, taxes and online payment processes, with a comprehensive analytics system to track your online business growth, revenue streams and more.


Get Wix Trainer professional SEO solution to optimise your business online presence in search results. Reach your business targeted audiences at the right time, precisely when they are searching for the products or services that you offer. 

Achieve a professional search optimised Wix site structure for your content with Wix Trainer professional processes to get your site indexed effectively in Google, other search engines and mainstream social media platforms.

Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency professional SEO solution is designed to develop and grow your business online presence, in the most important places across the web for you to drive traffic and more.

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Wix Bookings Online System |

Wix Bookings

Book your site visitors 24/7 for services or solutions as one off or in online sessions, free or accept full online or offline secure payments or deposits and more with Wix Trainer professional support for Wix Booking System.

Offer your online bookings with Zoom or Google Meet, with your business booking policies, comprehensive site GDPR compliance and more. Sync calendars for real time notifications. Setup automations for email reminders, SMS or both.

Get Wix Trainer - Wix Legend Partner Agency experienced support and professionally optimise your business booking services in search results to drive traffic, multiple online revenue streams and more.

The General Data Protection Regulation, known as the GDPR is to protect the personal data of all EU citizens. Whatever the location of your business, if you own a site with EU visitors, or if your marketing campaigns target EU citizens.

Get Wix Trainer professional support to integrate fully comprehensive privacy features and professional tools to meet with the privacy law requirements. Add authenticity to your site and collect information for your business queries and more with personalised messages, when your site visitor performs a specific action. 

In accordance with the GDPR, site visitors have the right to access their data or "be forgotten" (to be permanently deleted from your databases). Get Wix Trainer support to respond professionally to the data access or to be forgotten requests from your website visitors.

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